Privacy Policy

We recognize the importance of personal information protection and we will use, manage and protect our personal information appropriately based on law.

How we access and use personal information

  • Whenever we access to our customers personal information, we indicate our purpose with his or her agreement.
  • To make the deal smoothly with our customer or to provide any necessary service.
  • To sell products and provide necessary service.

How we manage personal information

To protect personal information, we will properly manage to curb the flow of information outside.

Providing personal information to third party

Akky International will not provide personal information to a third party without the customers agree, with the exception of special cases required by law.

Committing personal information

When committing one’s personal information, we will manage properly with necessary contract to ensure the security.

Disclosure, amendment, application discontinuation, erasing of personal information

We will promptly handle during the rational period of time whenever the customer wishes for their personal information to be disclosed, amended, discontinued and erased.

Policy improvement

We will continuously review our privacy policy and make a beneficial change and improvement.